Mozambique Island photos

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I recently visited Ilha de Mozambique with AfricaWildtruck and my attention was captured by little details. I find the way its history is somehow floating in the present absolutely unique and the constant presence of this past everywhere is deeply fascinating me.

I used a simple smarthphone instead of a big photocamera, well, I know image quality is not fantastic, but perhaps loss of pixel is fascinating me too.



Ilha de Mozambique, old palace with rickshaw

Ilha de Mozambique, 1923 Madrasa School

Ilha de Mozambique, cinema facing the Indian Ocean

Ilha de Mozambique, cloth market

Ilha de Mozambique, fascinating interior of a new restaurant called Rickshaw

Ilha de Mozambique, old Indian door, stone town

Ilha de Mozambique, narrow road with local advert

Ilha de Mozambique, azulejos

Ilha de Mozambique, sweet dog

Ilha de Mozambique, old style hair saloon


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Nell’ultimo numero di LatitudeMag South Africa, spero vi piacerà curiosare tra alcune delle mie foto per lasciarvi un po’ traportare dalle suggestioni di viaggio, magari traendo ispirazione per un percorso tra Maputo e Pemba (con qualche deviazione!)… e chissà che non si possa viaggiare insieme!

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